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Hello. My name is Rex Wang.

If you happen to speak Chinese, my Chinese name can be spelled as 王承宸 (wáng, chéng chén)

I’m currently a software engineer at a stealth-mode startup, based in the Beijing metro area.

I’m previously a software/data engineer at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, based in Boston area. For most of the time at work, I build Cloud and on-prem infrastructure and automation for scientific Genomics Sequencing ETL data pipelines, using Python, Clojure and other techniques. I’ve participated in the design, development and operation of projects such as the Human Cell Atlas, Terra platform for health and life science research by Broad, Microsoft and Verily, etc.

I got my BS degree in Mathematics from Southeast University and MS degree in Computer Science from Boston University. I’m also awarded graduate level certificate in Data Science from Harvard Extension School.

Besides work, my personal informal research focus on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. I also have a variety of interest among Art, Biking, Daoism, Food, History, Mythology, Ontology, Open Source, Photography, Sci-Fi, Ski, and Video Games.

Since English is my working language, Chinese is my native language and Japanese is my hobby language, you could find all of the above used interchangeably across my blog. Sorry if the mixture of language usages bothers you, but I do not have time to maintain a separate i18n personal blog, from the lessons I learned in the past.

你好. 我的名字是王承宸 (wáng, chéng chén)


在这之前,我是一名在 麻省理工大学博得研究所 任职的软件/数据工程师,居于美国波士顿地区。我主要负责搭建运行基因组测序数据的分析管线的云端与本地的 ETL 系统,工作中常使用 Python, Clojure 以及其他必要的工具与技术,参与了包括人类细胞图谱计划博得-微软-Verily Terra 生命科学研究平台等项目的设计、开发与运维。

我自 南京东南大学 取得数学学士学位,并自 波士顿大学 取得计算机科学硕士学位。在公司的支持下,我还获得了 哈佛延伸学院(或哈佛继续教育学院) 颁发的数据科学硕士证书(非学位)。

在工作以外,我的 非正式 研究主要以计算机视觉和计算机图形学为主。作为一个杂学家,我还对包括但不限于以下话题或课题课题有浓厚的兴趣:艺术,骑行,道家学说,食物,历史,神话学,本体论,开源,摄影,科幻,滑雪以及电子游戏。


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到此绝车轮,萋萋草树春。青山如有利,白石亦成尘。 水阔应无路,松深不见人。如知巢与许,千载迹犹新。

I have been using Jekyll + Github Pages to deploy and maintain my previous version of blog since 2014; after which I started to try some new technologies such as GatsbyJS or pure ReactJS to develop a new version of the blog, which turned out to be burdensome as a hobby project: after all I just need a place to note down and share my findings; spending too much time on the infrastructure itself can easily eat up my enthusiasm. I also tried popular JAMStack like Vuepress, which almost full-filled my needs, but it ended up not being productive for me – at the end of the day, I don’t really have time to maintain i18n, categories and additional features. So this site was born.

I obtained this Jekyll theme from a phenomenal designer Artem Sheludko, who designed this fancy dark Norlin theme. I made a lot of customizations on top of it, and my blog became what you see today. I hope this, combined with MarkEditor can finally help me write blogs and generate contents with high productivity and cleaness.

自 2014 年期至 2019 年,此博客主要使用的是 Jekyll + Github Pages。从前端技术变得 fancy 开始,我也开始寻找类似 GatsbyJS 或者原生 React 等替代方案来更新博客。不幸的是,尽管这些技术已经大大简化了开发维护成本,但对于一个专注内容,记录和分享的个人博客来说还是太过于“重”了, 花费太多时间在技术基础设施上很容易让人失去热情(事实上,根据我的观察,即使是很多使用 hexo-next 的博客,大多也在更新几篇类似“怎样搭建并定制化基于 hexo-next 个人博客”的博文后惨遭荒废。。。)我曾尝试过 JAMStack中的 Vuepress,可惜由于缺乏时间去维护一些诸如国际化、分类等特性,我最终还是放弃了使用Vuepress来撰写博客的想法。最终,经过一番折腾后,这个新博客诞生了。

我从一个优秀的设计师 Artem Sheludko 处得到了本暗黑特性的主题 Norlin,并经过了一系列定制,我希望通过结合使用 MarkEditor,本博客可以稳定下来并为我的内容产出提供高效而简洁的支持。


All articles in this blog are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA unless stating additionally, please reference the source when cross-posting.

本博客所有文章和内容除特别声明外,均采用 CC BY-NC-SA 许可协议。转载请注明出处!


Your comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome here, however, since this is more of a personal blog I maintain and pay for, I reserve all rights to remove any abusive, hateful or other imporper stuff from here.



This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.
In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind.
This weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot and manifestation of the various memes running around my brain, and as such any thoughts and opinions expressed within out-of-date posts may not the same, nor even similar, to those I may hold today.
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